A brave change-maker with a history of positively impacting society in the USA and around the world.

Born and raised in segregated New Orleans, Louisiana in a Catholic household, Caroline Hunter was exposed to volunteerism at an early age. Caroline graduated from Xavier University Preparatory High School before continuing on to Xavier University of Louisiana, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 1968.

What Others Are Saying

Freshman year of high school Caroline Hunter helped me rediscover the joy of learning math by providing a supportive environment, in addition to being kind and compassionate.

Cid Hoffeld, Former Student

I’m a lifelong Cambridge resident and I’ve known Caroline my whole life! A tireless activist, kind and warm person and an excellent mother, she is an incredible human who very much embodies the spirit of the City of Cambridge. She is a huge asset to our community and we are all lucky to have her work so hard for us!

Sarah Kensley, Friend

Caroline is passionate about education, human rights, civic engagement and social Justice. She is a true leader; inspirational, collaborative, positive, honest and a creative problem solver. I’ve worked alongside her on several social justice issues and her energy, commitment and organizational skill set sets a tone for success. Caroline cares deeply about the lives, education and mental health of students and their families. She is an essential asset to Cambridge schools!

Amy Cody, Friend and Fellow Activist

For kids from certain backgrounds with certain demographics, the odds are often stacked against them having a life that fulfills their highest potential. The difference is often a single amazing educator who sees what no one else sees and will do what no one else does to help ensure that you beat those odds. Caroline Hunter was that educator for me and has been for hundreds of other students not only in a hands-on way but also from the position of policy and community leadership. She *is* the person we want on the school committee. She should be everyone’s number one vote!

Ebony Bridwell, Herbert A. Simon Professor of Education, Management and Organizational Behavior - Harvard University

When Caroline mentored me as a member of the school committee in 1998 and 1999 I asked her to run because everything she taught me I wanted to make the full and fabulous impact on our city’s children and families and now it’s happening! 25 year old dreams come true! Let’s celebrate a life of contribution and activism with our number 1 vote. We are number 1 for her. Now she can be number 1 for us!

Noah, Former Student

Ms. Hunter has been present in my life for as long as I can remember. She has inspired me not only by her teaching but also through her service to people in many Boston and Cambridge communities to stand up and be counted. I’ve learned from her that life is not a spectator sport and that I should always seek opportunities to serve others and in any way I can.

Schuyler, Mentee