Vote #1 for Caroline Hunter

...because experience matters

Caroline Hunter is an educator with more than 34 years of experience in public education and service to public school students, and has been on all sides of the Cambridge educational experience as a teacher, administrator and parent.


Caroline is a certified high school math teacher with over 25+ years of experience. She not only wrote lesson plans but also helped to build math curriculum.


 Caroline is the parent of a child who attended Cambridge Public Schools, from kindergarten thru high school graduation. And she and her late husband were active parents in their daughter’s education.


Caroline is a certified administrator, serving 5 years as an assistant principal, at CRLS. She has managed all aspects of building operations from supervising staff and volunteers to greeting students and their families.

Educational Service

 Caroline participated in numerous civic and educational initiatives in the city and with the department of education. Such as serving 24 years on the CRLS Scholarship Committee and 5 years on the House of Blues Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.

Educational Advocacy

Caroline co-founded the Benjamin Banneker Charter School with other Black parents and members of community organizations out of dissatisfaction with the quality of education in Cambridge.


Vote #1 for Caroline on November 2nd