Activism on Social Justice Issues

Audiovisual: film, podcast, and radio

America’s Voices Against Apartheid
Panelist and Committee Member
The Moth/All Together Now: Fridays with the Moth
Caroline Hunter reacts to injustice in the workplace.
Have you Heard from Johannesburg
Seven Stories from the Anti-Apartheid Movement
HBCU Spotlight: Caroline Hunter
EXPERIENCE Martha's Vineyard puts the spotlight on Caroline Hunter
One Love: Black History Month Assembly
Caroline gives a speech at St. Sebastian's School in Needham, MA

Print and digital media

The Coolest Black Family in America
Ebony presents episode 19: The Hunter/Williamses
When Polaroid Workers Fought the Apartheid
Dissent Magazine draws parallels to the efforts of tech workers today.
Activists Waged Anti-Apartheid Fight in 70's
The Bay State Banner recounts the Anti-Apartheid movement that Caroline Hunter helped lead.
An Early Voice in the Struggle to End Apartheid Remains Strong
Caroline Hunters shares about her experience starting an international activist movement.
A People's Guide to Greater Boston
Hunter is featured in this guidebook that describes the rich and vibrant stories of political struggle, oppression, and resistance in everyday landscapes of metropolitan regions.
Boston's Banner Years: 1965-2015, A Saga of Black Success
Miller documents the achievements by Boston’s Black population for future generations. Hunter is featured in chapter titled: Three Extraordinary Protests.

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